Selin Dursun is an interaction designer, musician, and a Fulbright Scholar in the Design Technology at Harvard Graduate School of Design, in the Mediums Domain. She holds an architectural background from Istanbul Technical University and received violin classical music & jazz education from Kocaeli State Conservatory & Bahcesehir Universities.​​​​​​​
Her work primarily revolves around creating interactive experiences and responsive environments that enhance human interaction with technology and our surroundings. She blends Sonic Interaction Design (SID) elements with Multimodal Interaction Design, exploring how sound can be integrated with other sensory inputs, like visual and tactile, to create more immersive and intuitive interfaces. Her projects range from translating environmental sounds into visual formats to developing interactive systems that respond to and incorporate auditory, visual, and haptic elements. 
She is passionate about pushing the boundaries of how we experience and interact with technology, particularly through the innovative use of the senses.
You can find my CV here.
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