Team Members:
                   Selin Dursun
                   Merve Akdogan
                   Yinghou Wang​​​​​​​
Time Frame: September 2023 
Keywords: Human-Computer Interaction, Physical Computing, Digital Fabrication, Design, ANT Theory​​​​​​​
According to Latour's Actor-Network theory, objects are not passive entities but 'actors' with agency and the ability to influence human actions and decisions. 
When we make eye contact with objects, can we reveal their social consciousness? 
Can we offer a new experience of interaction in a network where people and objects are essentially equal participants?

Our intention is to step into a world where the object has a memory and carries social and cultural data, as opposed to the general consciousness that tries to see the object as mostly passive. We aim to activate the passive interaction between humans and machines by evaluating this with an interaction that seems meaningless at first glance but activates the object and presents a new way of communication.
Tribute to dear Marvin Minsky.

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