Team Members:
                   Selin Dursun
                   Danning Liang
                   Yuto Takenaka
Type: Final Project for GSD6338: Intro to Computational Design
Time Frame: Oct 2022 - Nov 2022
Keywords: Grasshopper, G-Code, 3d-printing, C, C#, digital fabrication, encoding sound, encoding image, encoding text

Every day, we participate in encoding and decoding information, some are evident to human inspection, while others require more complex interpretation. In most cases, information is encoded through print and digital mediums. Therefore, we set out to encode the meanings through tangible forms.
What if we represented information in such a manner that the presence of the information is only evident to the ones who encrypt/decrypt the message?
Can we hide and re-find memories within the objects we design? Could the designs of these artifacts be affected by the message itself?
We experimented with 3 different systems of encoding, the encoding of sound, letter, and image. By applying simple rules to geometry, we were able to embody letters, notes, and pixels through different configurations of curves and points. In turn, the accumulation of these representations forms songs, sentences, and pictures. Through Grasshopper and C#, we encoded it further into machine codes which were materialized through FDM printing. 

Technical processes can be found in the video.

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