Team Members:
                   Individual Project
Supported by: Seka Park, Kocaeli Municipality
Time Frame: Sep 2021 - Oct 2021
Keywords: Public Installation, recycled PVC Fabrication, Film, Public Engagement, Public Art, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere
How do we hug these days?
How do we navigate the realm of human connection in a world where touch has become restricted? 
          The pandemic has reshaped our daily routines, particularly our social interactions. In response, innovative design solutions have emerged, such as the concept of a "hug wall" for hospital visits or in reality shows where physical contact is prohibited. When the possibility of touch is stripped away, the very fabric of our intimate relationships is challenged.
In a speculative scenario, envision a world where individuals carry their personal "hugging walls" to engage with others. In this realm, devoid of tactile connection, profound questions arise about the trajectory of our human connections. It compels us to reflect upon the trajectory of Internet 4.0 and the rise of cyber realities, where two-dimensional, visually dominant experiences reign supreme. Metaphorically and physically, walls take center stage in this site-specific, transient installation, provoking contemplation of our physical and emotional boundaries and exploring alternative modes of communication.
Amidst these shifting dynamics, a disquieting thought emerges: Have we, perhaps, forgotten the significance of a warm embrace?

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