Team Members:
                   Selin Dursun
                   Treyden Chiaravalloti
Type: Design Intelligence Studio - MIT Architecture Department
Instructor: Marcelo Coelho
Time Frame: February-May 2023 
Keywords: Ambient Computing, Electronics, AI-Empowered Well-being, Digital Fabrication, ChatGPT API

In a world perpetually entangled in the web of misinformation and deep fakes, emerges the Echo-Lilbrium project - a harbinger of clarity and hope. Our journey embarked from a society where distinguishing reality from deception had turned into an intricate puzzle. Beyond being a mere technological feat, Echo-Lilbrium acts as a catalyst for balance in conversations. By harnessing AI technologies, including the Whisper AI, spoken words metamorphose seamlessly into written text. However, the real magic lies in the subsequent analysis - a perceptive dissection of dialogues, unearthing concealed biases and lopsided viewpoints.
Imagine a conversation as a rhythmic interplay of ideas and perspectives: Echo-Lilbrium introduces an intriguing dimension to this interplay. Should one participant dominate the discourse, promoting skewed opinions or falsehoods, the equilibrium sways in their favor. It's a real-time reflection of conversation dynamics, visually represented in the sway of balance.
Echo-Lilbrium transcends the realm of conceptualization; it signifies our tangible commitment to redefine truth and rejuvenate trust. In an epoch where misinformation thrives, our project emerges as the guardian of veracity. Echo-Lilbrium stands as a testament to human ingenuity, showcasing our capacity to surmount challenges and foster a transparent, balanced, and sanguine world.

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