Team Members:
                   Selin Dursun
                   Danning Liang
                   Yuto Takenaka
Type: Final Project for GSD6338: Intro to Computational Design
Time Frame: Nov 2022 - Dec 2022
Keywords: Rhino, Grasshopper, Woodworking, Wood Fabrication, Arduino, Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors, Electronics, Sensor Technologies
How do we communicate with each other? How do we act as a collective in a highly individualistic culture?
We have set out to create a robust conceptual theme revolving around the union, collaboration, and communication. Many of these ideas can be embodied and developed in various forms. Since we were only able to materialize certain aspects of these ideas, we wanted to carry some of the conceptual elements and techniques into our project.
The core expectation of our final proposal stems from participatory artwork-making using various computational design tools and sensor technologies. We aim to create a multi-user platform (whether a projection or an interactive sculpture) where people find different ways to communicate with each other through their interactions with the artwork. Each individual will contribute to the artwork by leaving an input: their temperature, a random color, breath, or track of movement.
Connecting 23 Motors& Ultrasonic sensors using H Bridge
Ultrasonic Sensor Wiring Details

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