Team Members:
                   Selin Dursun
                   Merve Akdogan
                   Yinghou Wang
Type: Project for Enactive Design
Time Frame: October 2023 
Keywords: Sound Interaction Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Physical Computing, Digital Fabrication, Actor-Network Theory

EchoBot is an innovative auditory environment analyzer designed to capture and identify distinct voices from the environmental soundscape. Harnessing the power of YAMnet, a state-of-the-art sound classification model, Echo-bot can distinguish and categorize diverse sound sources and output them as ASCII symbols. 
Based on the level/ closeness of the sound, the symbols get smaller/ larger, or denser/ more sparse.
EchoBot brings forward the “politics of things”, making us more responsible for understanding and engaging with our auditory surroundings. Symbols reflect the varying levels of ‘closeness’ between humans and the Environment, emphasizing the web of relationships that Bruno Latour often speaks of.

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